Friends of Helmets 4 Hope

We would not have been able to start this journey without the help from some of our friends. Here is a list of all those who we have partnered with that helps make Helmets 4 Hope a reality. If you would like to partner with Helmets 4 Hope, please contact us here.

Delaware County Office of Early Intervention

The Office of Early Intervention provides evidence based supports & services to infants/toddlers & their families when children are experiencing a developmental delay or have a diagnosis that results in developmental delay. The supports & services are at no cost to eligible infants/toddlers & their families. The Office of Early Intervention is part of a statewide Early Intervention system under the direction of the state Bureau of Early Intervention, Office of Child Development and Early Learning.


Theraplay, Inc. was founded in November of 1991 by Lisa Mackell, PT, a pediatric physical therapist. Theraplay initially provided physical, occupational, speech and feeding therapies to children in their homes, schools, and early intervention centers. Theraplay has also added special education and social work intervention to the services provided.


Lawall’s custom Cranial Molding Helmet is used to gently shape the infant’s head into a more proportional and round shape as the infant’s head grows. The helmet leaves a void over the flat areas of the head promoting growth and contacts the more rounded areas of the head discouraging growth. The helmet does not put pressure on an infant’s head therefore, it is painless.

Lawall makes wearing the Cranial Molding Helmet more fun by providing them in a variety of colors and designs. We have everything from race cars, spaceships, and soccer balls, to butterflies and animals. These designs allow the child to express their personality and make it more enjoyable to wear.


Cranial Creations and Beyond

Nicole's youngest son was diagnosed with Plagiocephaly, and it was something she never knew of, or was aware of the complications it could possibly cause. Being an artist, as soon as his helmet came in she had to paint it, and find a way to turn this into a positive experience.  Having gone through this, Nicole understands how families may feel, and if she can use her gift of art to help - there is nothing that excites her more. Based out of the suburbs of Philadelphia, Nicole has been a portrait/mural artist for over 20 years.  After her son was diagnosed, she began to work closely with his cranial doctor and now have expanded in custom cranial painting and other orthopedic braces. Contact Nicole if you would like to customize a helmet!

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